John joins the team with more than fifteen years experience in operations and sales management for a variety of client-focused businesses. As someone with non-traditional proof of income he has firsthand knowledge of the frustrating experience when trying to purchase of refinance a home in today’s lending environment. He is excited to join a team that is passionate about making financial services accessible to those underserved by traditional financial institutions.


Vince has more than thirty years experience in the mortgage and banking industry, having served as the Chief Credit Officer of New York-based MCS Mortgage Bankers since 2000. He began his career as a loan originator and later moved into credit underwriting with particular experience in mortgage writing for condominiums and co-ops. Vince retired in September 2015…for approximately three weeks before founding EMF Loans. At EMF Vince handles all documentation, compliance and relationship with mortgage buyers.


Chris is a serial entrepreneur, having founded more than a dozen businesses since 1992. Despite business success he found himself treated like a second-class citizen when he applied for a mortgage. In typical entrepreneur fashion he decided to solve this problem by launching a new business - aimed at making the loan process more palatable for the self-employed. In addition to EMF, Chris is the President of LookFar, one of Louisiana’s fastest growing technology companies. Chris is the Past President of the New Orleans Chapter of Entrepreneurs Organization, a former president of the Young Leadership Council and a Board Member of the Metropolitan Crime Commission.

With EMFLoans, you’ll work directly with an experienced lending team that has been where you are now. We bring years of experience in mortgage lending, but also understand the entrepreneurial journey.